News du 21.10.2008

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Virus new album !

Upcoming release: "The Black Flux" (CD digipak)
Release date: November 10th, US November 11th
MP3 - VIRUS - The Black Flux - Shame Eclipse

Broken rhythms, shattered melodies and twisted turns are all flowing together into a stream of consciousness now to be revealed to the world as "The Black Flux". The album's nine songs drift along with deceiving beauty and grace, before clawing at the listener and forcing him to follow them into the depths of a dark abyss filled with icy guitar riffs. When mastermind Carl-Michael "Czral" Eide literally hit rock bottom with both of his legs shattered in a tragic accident in 2005, it looked like the end of his prolific musical career. Now the multi-instrumentalist returns, creating a strong interest as "The Black Flux" is more than just a second album by avant-garde rock and death spearhead VIRUS after "Carheart" (2003), but also the long hoped for continuation of VED BUENS ENDE's legendary "Written in Waters" album (1995). Taking avant-garde metal to a new dimension, the album is still being regarded as a cult-classic. Now VIRUS return to explore the dark in new and unheard ways, but true to the spirit and sound of "Written in Waters" and "Carheart". Get infected!

News du 20.10.2008

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THE ARRS chez Season of Mist !‏

Après la sortie de son second album Trinité, sur le label Active Entertainment, le groupe au complet est fier d’annoncer sa toute nouvelle collaboration avec le label Season of Mist (MAYHEM, CYNIC, DAGOBA…).

C’est donc sur ce label activiste de la scène métal française et internationale, que le groupe sortira son troisième album, prévu pour le mois de Mars 2009.

Une tournée suivra, également à partir de Mars 2009, à travers la France et l’Europe.

Le booking est dorénavant assuré par K productions ( ) qui s’occupe entre autres, de groupes comme THE OLD DEAD TREE, ou encore NO RETURN.

Nous espérons que ce troisième album ravira tous les fans de métal ainsi que les personnes qui nous suivent fidèlement, depuis près de dix ans (déjà !).

A très bientôt sur la route !


News du 17.10.2008

par Head!


Vendredi prochain, à partir de 10 heures du matin, seront mises en ventes les places pour les deux concerts de METALLICA au Palais Omnisports de Bercy. Le prix des places sera compris entre 63,65 € et 67,50 €. THE SWORD et MACHINE HEAD assureront les premières parties !

Lien vers le site de Bercy :

News du 16.10.2008

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New York's PIVOTAL ROCKORDINGS (Relocated from Florida) is proud to announce the re-release of "Eden Fire", the debut album from Swedish metallers SONIC SYNDICATE through Koch Distribution in the US and Canada on December 9th 2008. For a side of SONIC SYNDICATE that many have not yet experienced – a band unshaped and untouched by the mainstream music industry – "Eden Fire" is not only a dark, heavy, and rich album filled with cult classics and fan favorites, but also a piece of history that documents the beginnings of a young underground band on the edge of its explosion to fame.

PIVOTAL ROCKORDINGS owner Leevan Macomeau comments:

"This album started it all for the band as well as for our record label, so when given the opportunity to give "Eden Fire" the proper North American distribution that it never received, we were more than ecstatic. We are
looking forward to cooperating with France’s LISTENABLE RECORDS and North America’s KOCH DISTRIBUTION in order to bring our catalogue to the masses!"

"Eden Fire" was originally released on September 13th, 2005 and SONIC SYNDICATE has since released 2007’s "Only Inhuman" and 2008’s "Love And Other Disasters" via NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS.

News du 15.10.2008

par Caym

Extrait du prochain MODERN FUNERAL ART

Les choses se précisent, en attendant la fin du mastering notamment, vous pouvez toujours jeter une oreille par là

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The Oath - "4" est sorti

Le nouvel album de THE OATH, intitulé "4", est enfin sorti sous la bannière du label Italien Code666. Cet album a été enregistré en Allemagne au Kohlekeller Studio (Crematory, Agathodaimon, Benighted...) et sera distribué dans le monde par SPV ainsi qu'en France par Season of Mist.

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BIG BEN - Sur Invitation

Quel album pouvait réunir autant d'invités et d'amis que Sur Invitation, le premier album de BIG BEN !
Imaginez réunir Nono (Trust), Stevie (Speed Queen , Shine), Beverly Joe Scott (Ray charles, Johnny, ...) Fabrice Fourgeaud (Attentat Rock, Stephan Eischer), Jaimie Crompton (Wishbone Ash), Basile Leroux (Eddy Mitchell), Slim Batteux (Véronique Sanson, Pagny, Goldman, Bill deraime, ...), Manu Vergeade (Michel Delpech,Voulzy, Souchon, ...) , Bako (Paul Personne)...

Premier album, certes, mais avec quelques vieux routards du Rock français !
Autour de Dan (ex Tanker), Gerry Plisson, Michael Zuritta le prodige de la six cordes (Gogol Premier, Satan Jokers, Pascal Mulot, ...) et Joe Steinman (ex Stallion, Satan Jokers, Pascal Mulot, ..) forment un gang soudé au pur son du rock !

Big Ben c'est du rock à l’état pur , sur scéne , un torrent de riff , d’adrenaline, un groupe de Rock qui te prend aux tripes. BIG BEN, c'est Joe ,Gerry ,Michaël et Daniel qui nous délivrent "Sur Invitation", un premier album grave dans le magma brulant du studio Marcadet avec aux commandes Mr Georges "magic" Blumenfeld.

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JARELL en téléchargement

Musicme, le site d'écoute et de téléchargement légal vient de mettre en avant dans sa catégorie "HardRock / Metal" l'album Hidden Side du groupe JARELL.

Plus d'infos sur
et sur le myspace du groupe :

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DESOLATION ANGELS: Boxset in November

he previously announced boxset in cooperation with MISKATONIC FOUNDATION will finally be released this November! ‘Feels Like Thunder’ is a special 4-CD boxset of classic NWOBHM legends DESOLATION ANGELS and this collector´s item will contain all official releases and the unreleased album ‘While The Flame Still Burns’ on 2 CDs, plus two additional CDs with rare live material from 1983-1988.

Additionally the box will also be released as a Die-Hard-Edition limited to 200 copies with extra signed photo-card and a patch.

Awake again, the band currently is rehearsing again, to eventually record new stuff and playing live in 2009…

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PENTAGRAM: Complete work on CD+DVD out

Highly acclaimed as true originators of the international underground extreme metal scene, PENTAGRAM from Chile produced two legendary demotapes in the late eighties which functioned as the source of inspiration for many black/death metal cult acts to follow.

We finally released ‘Under The Spell Of The Pentagram’, a CD+DVD-Set feat. all known recordings on CD along with some infamous cool live-performances on DVD!!!
Expect a lethal overdose of fucking old school UNDERGROUND mayhem!!!

If you heard rumors about the band playing live…who knows, perhaps these are not only rumors…!?!

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DEMONICAL: Entering the studio!

The successful festivals in September (TUNES OF DEATH and MORBIDE FESTISPIELE) completed DEMONICAL’s touring cycle for "Servants of the Unlight". The band wants to send massive hails to all warriors, maniacs and witches who did show their support during the last 16 months.

DEMONICAL will now fully concentrate on their second - yet untitled – full-length album which will be recorded during November and December at Necromorbus Studios for a release in April 2009.

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PAGANIZER: New Signing on Cyclone Empire

Swedens PAGANIZER will release their new MCD ‘Scandinavian Warmachine’ on CYCLONE EMPIRE in early 2009. After having released many albums, EPs and Split-records in the past years, 2009 could be kind of THE year for the 3-piece, after also their long-time recorded last album ‘Carnage Junkie’ will finally be released on VIC-Records this November.

The old-school Death Metal-band from Gamleby exists since 1998 and is one of the babies of workaholic and metal-maniac Roger “Rogga” Johansson (vocals, guitars), known from his work with EDGE OF SANITY, CARVE, RIBSPREADER, DEMIURG, THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE or DERANGED, to name but a few. The PAGANIZER-line-up is completed by the two BLODSRIT/RIBSPREADER-guys Matthias Fiebig (drums) and Patrik Halvarsson (bass).

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BEFORE THE DAWN: New album - October 31

The new BEFORE THE DAWN-album, their fifth over all and follow up to their highly acclaimed CYCLONE EMPIRE-debut ‘Deadlight’, will be entitled ‘Soundscape Of Silence’ and be released on Halloween 2008 as DigiPak-CD alojng with a Bonustrack called ‘Ignite’! The album was the first to be worked out by the whole band and was again mastered at famous Finnvox studios by Mika Jussila!

After numerous changes in the line-up the ultimate core crew of BTD raised the bar to highest level and the only goal was to outdo all previous albums in songwriting and production. The goal was achieved and the band took some time off from studio playing summer festivals like TUSKA Open Air and made their debut at the mighty WACKEN Open Air.

5th BTD album "SOUNDSCAPE OF SILENCE" will underline words: commitment, dedication, talent and hard work. 2008-2009 will show a hungry and motivated live band with a session drummer to complete the line-up on stage as their before announced Drummer Dani already left the band...

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FUNEBRARUM: New Signing - Cyclone Empire

’The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams’ (schedule for a release early 2009) will raise much dust and hit the scene like a mighty bomb...HELL-ELUJAH!!!

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EVOCATION: New album on October 31st

The follow up to the EVOCATION´s highly acclaimed debut-classic ‘Tales From The Tomb’ is entitled ‘Dead Calm Chaos’. The release is scheduled for Halloween 2008. This gem will be available from the start on on both CD and LP! Honorable guests featured on this recording were Anders Björler (AT THE GATES, THE HAUNTED) and legendary Dan Swanö (Ex-BLOODBATH, Ex-EDGE OF SANITY).

The album was recorded by the band in their own studio under the supervising eyes of guitar player Vesa who previously has also been working with SUICIDAL WINDS.

First reactions by the German press are nothing short but sensational!

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Tournée pour HYPNOSIS

Voici le groupe à ne pas louper en live (avec AC/DC mais c'est quand même plus simple d'avoir une place pour HYPNOSIS) :
18 oct. 2008 20:00 - Wheelie Bar Clermont-Ferrand, FR
24 oct. 2008 20:00 - Dark Equinox Fest - R&C Madrid, ES
25 oct. 2008 20:00 - Sala MasMusica Avila, ES
26 oct. 2008 20:00 - La Bombolla Girona, ES
28 oct. 2008 20:00 - Le Mojomatic Montpellier, FR
29 oct. 2008 20:00 - Rockadelik Carcassonne, FR
31 oct. 2008 20:00 - Le Local Marseille, FR
1 nov. 2008 20:00 - Manoir Pub Saint-Maurice, CH
2 nov. 2008 20:00 - Lyon’s Hall Lyon, FR
3 nov. 2008 20:00 - L’Elixir Metz, FR
4 nov. 2008 20:00 - The Cave Amsterdam, NL
5 nov. 2008 20:00 - L’Escalier TBC Huy, BE
6 nov. 2008 20:00 - La Chimere Lille, FR
7 nov. 2008 20:00 - TBA Le Havre, FR
8 nov. 2008 20:00 - Le Boomerang Bourges, FR
15 nov. 2008 20:00 - Kixkil Ostatua Bayonne, FR
7 févr. 2009 20:00 - Secret Place St Jean De Vedas, FR

News du 14.10.2008

par Head!

Album de CYNIC repoussé

Initialement prévu pour sortir le 28 octobre, le prochain effort du combo culte de death-prog CYNIC, intitulé Traced in Air, paraitra finalement le 17 novembre en Europe, et le 25 novembre aux Etats-Unis.

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Les britanniques sont entrés aux studios Necrodeath pour donner un successeur à Hell Is Empty, and All the Devils Are Here. Sortie attendue pour le mois de juin 2009.

News du 12.10.2008

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MY KINGDOM MUSIC is very proud to announce its newest signings: LAST WARNING for sure the hystory of Italian Progressive Metal with a new album where they reach new levels of emotion and MORTAL FORM one of the most talented Dutch acts following the paths of the European Death Thrash masters. Both new albums will be released world-widely on January 26th, 2009.

With “Throughout Time” LAST WARNING return after 8 years of silence but intense work. They represent the hystory of Italian Progressive Metal and with this new album they reach new levels of emotion with a music that is an intense mixture of Progressive Metal with the presence of majestic symphonic elements, oniric atmospheres and lyrical music. If Dream Theater, Queensryche, Rush, Crimson Glory could be points of reference of their sound, be sure that in their music you will find many more facets that will carry you in a magic vortex of feelings. Recorded at the well-known Zenith Recording in Lucca (Labirinth, Skylark, Shadows Of Steel).
More info @

MORTAL FORM is a devastating act combining the best elements of Death Metal, Thrash and Heavy Metal. This is “Taste The Blood”, the extreme, brutal yet melodic debut release from Mortal Form. Blasting drum beats, a pounding bass, authentic guitars riffs and howling death grunts and screams provide the deadly elements of this metal grenade. Inspired by bands as Death, Arch Enemy, Kreator, Overkill, Morbid Angel, In Flames and Iron Maiden, Mortal Form succeeded in creating a honest, diverse and well produced metal album that will appeal to many of you out there!!!
More info @

News du 11.10.2008

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Le premier album du groupe Belge VIRUS IV qui comprend en son sein le bassiste de HEADLINE (Mr Babin) & le batteur de DYSLESIA (Mr Brisk) est épuisé dans sa version digipack.
Seules quelques copies subsistent en magasins...
Un nouveau pressage en version cristal a donc été relancé, disponible dans les jours qui suivent...